SEO Ultimate Report for 2012SEO Ultimate Report

Don’t Fall Into Outdated Marketing Methods…
2011 SEO Methods Are Ancient History
Discover How to Navigate Google’s Latest Updates and Improve Your Marketing Game For 2012

Does it seem like every time you think you know  about SEO, Google changes the rules of the game?

These days, it seems like every time you get your websites on track and making money, Google throws another wrench into your well oiled money making machine.

First it was the Panda, now it’s the Penguin. Two creatures you never thought of as “dangerous” are now wreaking havoc on your websites and every bit of information you stumble across on how to fix the problems is old, outdated, and completely irrelevant.

I’ve been staying on top of the latest trends, testing Google’s algorithms and rediscovering how to make money in today’s internet.
First, let me introduce myself…

“My Name Is Lambert Klein And I’ve Been In IM For Long Enough To Know That Internet Marketing In 2012 Is NOTHING Like It Was Ten, Five, Or Even ONE Year Ago!"

If you were a successful internet marketer in 2011 and think 2012 will be no different, you’re in for a surprise. Even worse, if you’re a new marketer armed with information from 2011, you’ll have a rough time making your first dollar online.
Because I think Google Panda and Google Penguin should have come with a user’s manual, I decided to create one of my own.

I’m very proud to introduce…

SEO: The Ultimate 2012 Report

Consider this the definitive guide to internet marketing in 2012. Anyone with basic to advanced knowledge of internet marketing will be able to walk away after reading my guide armed with the information needed to take the bull by the horns and reel in those profits.

Inside SEO: The Ultimate 2012 Report you’ll discover…

  • How the internet marketing game has changed over the years and why you can’t use the same old tired tactics in the 2012 internet.
  • How Google has transformed the internet in 2011 and 2012 and what that means to you as a marketer.
  • Everything you need to know about on page SEO and keyword placement covering the whole thing from your domain name to your Meta tags and everything between. (It’s more important than ever to use proper keywords these days!)
  • How font sizes, bolding, and even italics can have a massive impact on your website… something even the most diligent marketer can easily look past.
  • How to use “like buttons” to get yourself noticed by potentially millions of social networking users.
  • How to build a solid SEO foundation on your website before working on your off-site SEO.
  • Why backlink spam can now backfire on you and how to safely backlink in 2012. (A must know for any of today’s marketers!)
  • A complete guide to both Google Panda and Google Penguin. You’ll discover exactly what both of these changes mean, how they affect internet marketing, and how to get them both to treat your website well.
  • The truth about the duplicate content… one of the single most argued about topics in internet marketing. Inside my guide, I reveal the surprising truth and what that means for you.
  • The right way to use directory submission without fear of Google penalties.
  • The top ten challenges in 2012 internet marketing and how to overcome each and every one to achieve a greater level of success.
  • The SEO software you can’t afford to pass by.
  • How to outsource your daily tasks to save time and multiply your profits. If you’ve never outsourced or had a bad experience, you won’t want to miss this chapter.
  • …and much more!

Can You Afford Not To Update Your Game For 2012?

For the  price of lunch, you can get your hands on the definitive guide to internet marketing in 2012. Don’t fall victim to Google’s algorithms and miss out on potentially tens of thousands of dollars in profit this year.
Invest today and maximize your profit this year!

SEO Ultimate Report